Even though the Association has recently started to operate, this past September 2012 the PREMIUM was used for the first time to make a donation to the day-care facility: “Gotitas de Amor” located at Colonia las Rosas, Tunuyna, Mendoza. All members of the association decided to donate an Industrial kitchen, a water heater and other kitchen supplies. Up until now the people was cooking on a small kitchen and had no supply of hot water.

This is a canteen with capacity to receive 60/70 children of the workers. It also has 3 different rooms to separate children by age (2,3 and 4 year old). All children are provided with breakfast, lunch and snack everyday . This facility also receives 3 children with disabilities. It has 5 teachers and trained women that take care of the kitchen as volunteers. As a thanking for all the support and help they received from the association, The facility created a flag with the legend: “Donating is giving love”.