Flores del Monte Association is a partnership between La Casa del Rey winery and the community of it’s workers (Joint Body). The vineyard and the winery operations were Fairtrade Certified in 2011, allowing to use the Fairtrade mark globally. This community is made up of 60 families, 220 people total; making this one of the most important Fair Trade program in the wine industry in Argentina.

Flores del Monte Association: The association is comprised of four different groups of vineyard workers, each dedicated to one of four vineyards located in Mendoza, and the winery workers. Each separate vineyard and the winery has elected representatives who, together with two representatives of La Casa del Rey, work toward the common goal of social improvement. This committee, elected by each group’s workers, has full control and management of the association. In addition the committee oversees the use of the Fairtrade Premium, funds earned on top of the Fair Trade agreed upon price, go into social, economic or environmental projects.